Easy and Delicious Guacamole

Happy Monday! The highlight of this weekend was a wonderful fiesta with some old and new friends. When we were asked to bring something I jumped at the opportunity to make my favorite guacamole. Guacamole is one of my favorite foods because it combines all things beautiful and lovely - avocado, lime, cilantro.

Here is my favorite recipe for guacamole. It combines a few recipes I learned over the years and can be adapted to your taste depending on your love for different ingredients.

Easy Guacamole 

2 ripe avocados 
1-2 tablespoons minced red onion 
1 small minced clove of garlic 
2 - 3 tablespoons minced fresh cilantro 
4 - 5 chopped cherry tomatos (optional)
1 minced jalapeño chili (optional)
A pinch each of salt and pepper 
Juice of 1 - 2 limes 

1. Halve the avocados and remove the pits. Scoop the flesh into a bowl. Gently mash the avocado until softened, but still chunky. 

2. Add the red onion, garlic, cilantro and optional ingredients to the avocados and mix until just combined. 

3. Add a pinch of salt and pepper and the juice of 1 - 2 limes depending on taste. Gently mix until you reach your desired consistency (I like to leave mine a bit chunky). 

4. This step is optional, but I always cover my guacamole and leave it in the fridge for at least an hour. This helps marry the flavors, but if you can't wait it will still be delicious straight after step 3. 

Stay tuned this week because I will show you the perfect, easy to make invitations for a fiesta. Ole!


Fall Wish List

I said it once, but I'll say it again - I am always super excited for the fall. I am already on the hunt for the perfect Halloween costume and thinking about how to incorporate pumpkins into our home decor.

My favorite thing of all is the autumn fashion. Have you ever taken one of those 'What Season Are You?' quizzes? I always get fall and it couldn't be a better fit. Here are a few of the staples I am looking forward to rocking in the coming months.

1. The Blanket Wrap - Olivia Palermo and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have been rocking the personalized wrap from Burberry. I am going for a more budget friendly look from New Look. At £24.99 you can't get a better deal than that.

2. Statement Necklace - I am a sucker for statement necklaces all year round, but this one from Bauble Bar caught my eye for the fall. I am particularly in love with the tortoise shell combo and the bright blue stones.

3. Cozy Sweaters - Nothing says fall quite like a cozy sweater. On my wish list is this oversize dove grey jumper from Reiss.

4. Leopard Print Booties - Leopard and fall are a natural fit in my eyes. I really like these Lucky Brand booties (can be bought at Nordstrom).

5. Navy Nails - A traditional choice now a days, but this Butter London shade makes my heart skip a beat. An excellent way to incorporate a bit of shimmer in your fall wardrobe.


State of Sunshine on CGC Daily

Art Print from junique.com

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend. We tried a new Thai place near us (divine!) and had a great time catching up with friends on Sunday. Just the way I like my weekend.

If you are looking for an extra hit of State of Sunshine today go and check out CGC Daily. I was thrilled to be asked to contribute and am very excited to share my first article with you. Check it out for my tips on how to infuse your personality into your workday wardrobe through simple things like shimmery nail polish and colorful scarves.


August Favorites

Another month gone, another favorites post! August was a month of getting back into the swing of things after our vacations, but we made the most of the month by visiting museums, seeing lots of movies, and trying new restaurants. The perfect way to end the summer in our home city. August also gave me a lot of wonderful things to share with you in this favorites post. Enjoy a few of my favorite things from this final month of summer.

Paris Chic as seen on sfgirlbybay

I saw this picture and I was captivated. The decor is really simple, but it has a lot of character. And the pièce de résistance is that incredible photograph. We have been looking for the perfect photo for our living room and I am about ready to snatch that one. I like a lot about it, but the thing i like most is the dancing. It is gives the space a light and happy vibe that I would love to have in our home.


Summer and salads are synonymous in my world. I really enjoy mixing the flavors. I have yet to find a salad in London as amazing as those in London, so I have turned to homemade versions to satisfy my cravings. This Sriracha and Lime Chicken Salad from Lexi's Clean Kitchen has been a particular favorite in August. Pretty much anything with Sriracha is my favorite and this great salad combines it with other fantastic flavors like pineapple and lime. Delicious. 

Sitting Ducks (source unknown)

This is as random as it comes. But try and tell me this didn't make you smile. I don't know when I will have the occasion to fill a pool/lazy river with hundreds of rubber ducks wearing sunglasses, but when that moment comes I will be one happy lady. 

Fashion Statement
Preppy and Transitional 

It has been pretty rainy this past month in London so I have been digging for jumpers a bit earlier than normal. To keep it a little bit summery I was super inspired by this look from prepfection. It is a great mix of summer and fall. Plus this looks like it could be a picture Jackie O. and who doesn't want to look like her?


I only started reading this blog last month, but I can't get enough. Ashley has a really genuine voice on her blog and I challenge you to not be inspired by her cute style. I went through her archives for hours thinking of new ways to mix up my wardrobe. She is also having a baby which always gets me really excited. Who doesn't love babies? 


White After Labor Day

Generally, I love rules. Yep. I was the kid that was telling the others to get out of the tree because it was too dangerous. But there is one rule that I am looking forward to breaking a lot this fall/winter - 'no white after Labor Day'. Need some convincing to keep your white jeans and skirts out for a few more months? Feast your eyes on these inspiring outfits. 

Happy Labor Day everyone!

 Paired with Plaid 
From Advice from a Twenty Something

Tulle and Cable Knit 
From The Sartorialist

Casual White Blazer with Silver Touches
From Lovely Pepa

Coupled with Red and Leopard 
From Make Life Easier 


Bye Bye Summer

Can you believe it is the last week of summer? I have decided to celebrate by adding a last minute punch of pineapple to our living room with this flower decoration. This is inspired by this pin and is a super simple way to add a tropical punch to you living room.

Though I am sad to see summer go, I am excited to move on from pineapples to pumpkins for my home decor. London weather has already decided to get a head start with dropping temperatures and rain fall so it shouldn't be too hard to get into the autumn spirit over here. Hope you enjoy your final days of summer!


Love Notes

Sorry for the silence this week! We have had a busy one with two weddings and our six month anniversary. I'm not super sappy, but I was definitely bitten by the love bug this week.

One of my favorite parts of anniversaries and weddings is looking for the perfect card. Etsy is a treasure trove of cute cards, as I am sure you are aware. Here are a few of my favorites from my searches.

This darling card from paperfeltshop on Etsy is probably the most traditional of my picks and has such a sweet and simple message.  

helloDODOshop made this great wedding card with the Ys turned into champagne flutes. You could use this card for any number of occasions, but I think this is extra cute for a wedding. 

Um, who doesn't love old people in love? Can't get much cuter than this adorable card from Etsy seller EuclidStreetShop

This is the card I would like to receive - especially the Cat's Pajamas. The hand lettering and the precious illustration make this a great card for the lovely ladies in your life. Check is out on theblackapple.

I found this on Pinterest, but it is out of stock on JulieAnnArt's Etsy shop (insert sad face). However, it was too funny not to share. An honest wish for the happy couple, this is probably one you want to save for a couple you know pretty well.