February Favorites

Well hello March! I am hoping with the new month we will get some new weather (sunshine, please!)     and new adventures. Last month was a good one though - we celebrated one year of marriage and had a quick getaway to Budapest. Still there was time to put together a few of my favorites from the month...

Cho Family Portrait 
I dare you to find someone more adorable than Joy Cho and her family. My heart is so happy when I read each of her posts. At the end of Jan she posted about the family portrait cards she has made and how it is a grew way to document her growing brood. I thought these were a simple, but sweet way to celebrate as changes happen. Definitely going to start our own little portrait gallery sometime soon.

Cheap Eats in London
There will be a whole post about Hungarian food we tried on our recent trip to Budapest, so I thought I would share my most recent list for best things to eat in London on a budget. I love trying new places to eat and I love it even more if they are a bargain. Try not to drool while reading this rad list.

Designer Dad Teaches 2-Year-Old Daughter about Typography with Food

Can't get much cuter than this. I just pulled out a couple of my favorites, but there is a whole alphabet to look at. Isn't the internet just the best? Things like this get me all excited about the creativity out there.

Fashion Statement & Blog
Hey Pretty Thing: Simple Weekend Outfit 
I am combining my favorite blogger and fashion statement this month with Hey Pretty Thing. She posted my ideal casual outfit on her blog earlier this month - Oxford shirt, skinny jeans and sneakers. Carolyn posts a lot of other great outfits and about her travels (she had an amazing honeymoon around Europe). Definitely check her out if you haven't already.


And the winner is...

A little late off the gate, but we can blame the Budapest trip for that. This Elie Saab dress Emma Stone wore at the 2015 Oscars was an epic win. Bold color, perfect shape, sparkles (I'm a sucker for sparkles) and great lipstick. Well done Emma, well done.

Runners up: Reese Witherspoon, Rosamund Pike, and Anna Kendrick


Year One

Today marked the end of the first year of our marriage. I can't believe that time has flown by so quickly. It has been a fun and eventful year - we moved into our first home together in West Hampstead, we travelled to five countries (the US, Mexico, Morocco, Spain and the UK), saw almost all of our favorite people either at the wedding or in the months following, and generally had a great time establishing our little family. 

To celebrate our paper anniversary we bought tickets to fly to Budapest tomorrow (we printed the tickets on paper so they count). We are excited to eat some goulash, experience the thermal baths and walk along the Danube. 

Any suggestions for what to see and do are welcome! Look out for the Budapest city guide on State of Sunshine later this week. 


I Love...

From Rifle Paper Co.

...talking about future adventures with my husband

...laughing so hard I cry

...travelling to new places

...snuggling babies

...that feeling when you see an old friend for the first time in a long time

...watching Netflix in bed

...Skyping family and feeling like they aren't really that far away

Happy Valentine's Day, ya'll.


50 Shades of Grey

If you live anywhere near other humans you have probably heard that 50 Shades of Grey is coming out this weekend. The film isn't really my cup of tea, but I am a big fan of the color so I thought I would take the opportunity to showcase a few of my favorite grey things.

1. Grey Great Dane Greeting Card from Rifle Paper Co. 
2. Channeling BeyoncĂ© with this 'Flawless' sweatshirt 
3. Simple but sweet cushion from West Elm 
4. Splurge item: Cashmere Burburry scarf
5. Perfect striped mug from M&S


Blank Wall

I took a break. Don't really know why, but here we are again. 

Anyway, I had a mad night a few weeks ago where I rearranged all our furniture. It was a wise decision (the 'flow' of the room is a lot better), but where we once had a big bookshelf we now have a blank wall. As with every other person with a blank wall, I turned to Pinterest for ideas. Thousands were waiting for me. 

Here are the front runners. Keep in mind that budget is always a concern so anything I can DIY or buy on the cheap is a definite contender. 

The Creativity Exchange took the images from the Rifle Paper Co. calendar and made a cute wall display. 

Another travel inspired one from Christy Wright. The tutorial tells you how to wrap maps around canvas. 

As affordable as it comes - this is just foam board, paint and push pins. From Metal & Mud.

A classic. Notes from Nessa made these picture shelves herself, but you can also buy cheapo ones from Ikea.

Unbelievable. This is made from scrapbook paper leftovers. Full tutorial on Like a Musical Ride


Gift Guide: Secret Santa Presents

Tis' the season for Secret Santa! I feel like the fun on Secret Santa completely depends on who you get. In the past I have been paralyzed not knowing what to buy, but this year I have some really fun people on my list. Here is my gift guide for the best presents under £10 (that's about $15 for you yankees).

Secret Santa Gift Guide Under 10 Pounds

Starting from the top and working our way around clockwise...

I'm not a coffee drinker, but I was given one this year for Secret Santa at work so I went out and bought the Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee and even had money left over to get a cute mug from John Lewis. Total cost for this gift was £8 so it is under budget (whoop whoop!)

This cute bag from Tate Modern was designed by London based graphic designer Yoni Alter. We actually have the print hanging in our living room because it is so pretty. For someone who is a London lover this bag is great for the go and is a beautiful nod to one of the best cities in the world. The bag comes in at £10.

The Body Shop has a lot of great stuff for Secret Santa, but this Jolly Lippy Lolly (real name) was too cute not to mention. I think this is a great one for a girl/woman/acquaintance/colleague you may not know very well - everyone needs a good lip balm at this time of year. Five lip balms for £10 makes this a good deal.

I have a set of alphabet stamps like this and use them all the time. This makes the perfect gift for someone who's perfect weekend includes making homemade cards and bunting. So if you have someone crafty for Secret Santa get these stamps from Muji for a bargain £9.95.

When I saw this book I thought it was perfect for the person who has everything. Off Track Planet's Travel Guide covers the cities with the craziest sex shops, the best places to get a tattoo, where to check out some amazing street art, why you should try fried bugs and the best clubs to party until dawn. It is available on Amazon for £9.59