Brainstorming: Thanksgiving Table Decor

Sorry for the long gap here. Things have been busy and to be honest I have been wondering if blogging is for me. But I missed it. And so here I am again and I am excited to be kick starting again as the holidays are taking full swing.

I am luck to have an English/Jamaican mother-in-law who throws a proper Thanksgiving dinner every year. Even though I am thousands of miles from my parents and siblings, pumpkin pie seems to make London feel a little more like home. To break back into this gently I am going to kick off with a few of my favorite Thanksgiving table decorations.

We don't have any kids, but I don't see that as a reason to stop us from having a table covering we can color in. This FREE PRINTABLE is from canvas

I'm a sucker for anything easy and elegant. This ticks the box. All you need is cardstock, a black pen, a hole punch and some rosemary. Idea from Spoon Fork Bacon

These pretty pumpkins are from a wedding! How cool is that? Missed the boat to include these in our big day but that doesn't mean we can't have them at our Thanksgiving table. Intimate Weddings has a lot of ideas on how you can incorporate pumpkins. 

This is similar to my flowers in the pineapple idea from earlier this year. If you really wanted to get creative you could paint the pumpkins and change up the flowers to match. However, I am a fan of a classic orange and burgundy... This image is from Everyday Occasions 


Life Saver: The Chelsea Rain Boot

It is POURING rain outside and I am wrapped up warm in sweats and a blanket. I don't know if it has been the drop in temperature (and precipitation), but I have been feeling a bit uninspired lately. But walking home I knew I had to post about my life saver the last couple days...

Chelsea rain boots have been amazing in this a-typical London weather. They keep your feet dry like regular rain boots, but they are stylish and mature enough to wear to work or out with friends. I even got compliments when I went out to dinner the other night. 

I have also been looking up different ways to rock the boots and have found some great styling inspiration all over the place. Wearing it with a skirt or skinny jeans makes the boots look modern and put together. 

left image source unknown / center image from katie's bliss / right image from love, blair

They sell the Chelsea rain boots all over the place.  J Crew  has them in black, navy, green and leopard for $68. Hunter do a more heavy duty pari for $125. And you can even get a glitter pair from DSW for $44. 


September Favorites

September had lots of highs and lows. Leaves beginning to crisp, eating lots of soup, starting to layer again - all highs. And the low was definitely the horrible cold I had the last week. Seriously awful. But I am ready to shake off that September slump and highlight some of my favorites from this last month.

Brooke White's House from Glitter Guide

When I saw this house on Glitter Guide it literally took my breath away. You might recognize Brooke from the Girls with Glasses. Her house is just as cute as her blog. It is a perfect balance of cozy yet light - a balance I am yet to get right. Make sure you look at the full tour, because the whole house is adorable. Plus she has the cutest little girl ever who makes lots of appearances throughout the tour.

Crockpot BBQ Chicken from Family Fresh Meals

We had people over for dinner and I was looking for something easy that wouldn't require slaving over a stove for hours. Enter the crockpot. And this BBQ chicken from Family Fresh Meals was amazing! We have a tiny crockpot but this made plenty of chicken for our party. I served it with roasted potatoes, broccoli and salad. It was delicious and easy - two things that make any recipe great. 

I'm So Fancy Mug

With feeling under the weather and the general drop in temperatures I have been reaching for lots of cups of tea in September. I found this mug from Zhush on pinterest and fell in love. The Iggy Azalea is permanently stuck in my head so it is a perfect fit for this month. 

Fashion Statement 
Oversized Sweatshirts

This may be a picture of Olivia Palermo, but this outfit (or some variety of it) has been my uniform for the month of September. It has been a great way to transition into fall. The only accessory missing was the cute dog. One day... 

The Alison Show 

I saw pictures of a party Alison planned for Bing and was instantly taken back by the bright colors and quirky decorations. She has a huge personality and everything she does is filled with fun and general awesomeness. In addition to her blog she has a great youtube channel (her video on how to plan a party I found really enjoyable).


Back to School Backpacks

Sorry for the radio silence this week! It has been a busy one. However, even with the hustle and bustle I have noticed the touches of fall all around. The leaves on our street are starting to turn orange and the air is definitely crisp in the morning as I leave for work.

All this autumn in the air has made me think of back to school. I know most kids are back already, but it doesn't mean we can't get into the spirit. Here are a few of my favorite grown up backpacks for the fall.

1. Baggu Backpack in Leopard - I have a bunch of Baggu bags and let me tell you, they are worth the hype. This great backpack has tons of secret storage and is very sleek. You would never guess this is the budget bag on the list. It only costs $38!
2. Longchamp Le Pliage - An obvious classic, the Longchamp bags are a must year round. This backpack is very slim and a great everyday bag.
3. Herschel Little America - This is my ideal carryon bag for traveling. It has TONS of storage, but still manages to look super cool.
4. MZ Wallace Marlena - The Marlena backpack is water and stain resistant and has gorgeous Italian leather trim. This is the priciest bag on the list, but I think is well worth the splurge.


DIY Fiesta Invite

I posted about recently attending a fiesta and I thought these invites would be the perfect thing to share.

Card stock - as many sheets as you need invitations
Printer (optional)
3-4 sheets of tissue paper
Glue Stick

1. Write your invitation. I wrote mine on the computer and printed it onto card stock. If you are super creative you could also handwrite yours.

2. If desired cut your invitation to a special size. I cut it to fit into an envelope I already had on hand.

3. Grab your tissue paper and cut it into 2 inch thick strips the same width as your card. Once in strips, cut small incisions into the strips to make a fringe. Make sure you leave at least a half an inch of solid strip at the top.

4. Put a little bit of glue on the top solid part of your tissue paper. Glue your paper to the invite starting at the bottom with the first layer and building your way up.

Ta da! It is really as simple as that. You could get even more creative and sew the fringe on or use different types of paper. 


Girls with Glasses Go Disney

I am super excited about this weekend. I am looking forward to posting a super cute DIY fiesta invite and we are going to have dinner with our friends who just got back from their honeymoon.

To start the weekend on the right foot, I wanted to share this jaw dropping photo shoot from the happiest place on Earth.  I have talked about the Girls with Glasses on this blog before and my love for them keeps on growing. They recently did this incredible shoot they did at Disneyland. It is filled with tulle, bright colors and lots of Mickey ears. To. Die. For.

Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot:

Want to check out more photos from the shoot? You can find them here, here and here. There is also a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot here.


Pick Me Up Quotes

Everyone has different ways of giving themselves a little pick me up. Some people exercise. Some people meditate. I like to spend countless hours on Pinterest looking up motivational quotes. Don't believe me? Just check out my Words board.

 Buy this stylish print from letteredandlined
You can find more of my favorite quotes that you can buy to decorate your home or office on CGC Daily